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Hi there! I am a mechanical engineer, mad about cars since I was born in Pontevedra, in 1983. Over the last twenty years I have managed to work in almost every aspect of the motoring industry, from workshops to the country board of directors of a big car company. Thanks to this journey, I offer my 360 view and knowledge of the car industry, from engineering to marketing or project management to anyone who can offer me a new, thrilling new challenge.

Product development
Content creation


Marketing advice

From understanding the base problems to offer tailor made solutions, helping to deploy and integrate them working within a budget in close cooperation with a team, from start to finish. I can work for you as a freelancer, external advisor, contractor, or joning your team.

Editorial and video content development

I offer my services as writter, scripwritter or host of any form of motoring media. I can also offer complete projects from start to finish, including finding the key people (from camera man to post production) to develop them. You can ask me for support as freelancer, contractor or any other means of collaboration.

Engineering projects

Given my background as engineer with extensive experience developing projects, specially around the automotive industry, I am available as advisor, contractor, project developer, project manager of any kind of engineering endeavur as freelancer, contractor or other means of collaboration.


As you have read, I am currently working as teacher at Nebrija's University. I can offer lectures services for any institution, organization, school or university interested on my voice. I can offer lectures regarding my field of knowledge (cars, racing engineering, motoring industry in general, video content generation, motoring industry marketing, strategy and pricing, and so on).

Racing engineering

As a profesional race engineer, I can offer services as freelancer, contractor or other means of collaboration to assist teams as race engineer, performance engineer, consultor, stratgegist, etc.


Total personal cars owned until now


Total road tested cars (including engineering plus editorial test cars)


Total written articles, columns, posts...


Videos published in different platforms, most of them at YouTube

Working experience

I started working very young. As many others, I enjoyed working at supermarkets replenishing the shelfs. It was no long before I got my first automotive work, joining Norauto, a workshop network focused on low prices and fast service. From there I moved to a Tier 1 supplier of General Motors, working as production engineer during the launch of the Opel / Vauxhall Corsa D. I was still a undergraduated finishing his studies. Later on I moved to Barcelona to launch my own technical office, where we developed engineering projects, most of them related to the automotive world. By then, I started writting in some motoring magazines as technical expert while I was working the weekends as race engineer supporting drivers in rallyes and in the Clio Cup Spain. Then I got an offer to join AOL Inc. as editor, and while the 2008-2009 crisis destroyed my engineering office, almost depleting my income, I managed to grow within AOL Inc. to become brand country manager (Autoblog Spanish). After the decision of AOL to sell the company to Yahoo and Verizon, I moved back to the car industry in the other side, joining FCA as marketing & product manager for Abarth, before being promoted several times in an small amount of time (16 months!) to become communications and public relations director of FCA Spain, plus member of the board of directors.

I got an offer to join an Asian brand by then, but I declined to keep working at FCA, due to the fact that I was enjoing the success and I was looking forward to move to Torino, Italy, to become a key member of the Abarth brand.

But this story ended sooner than expected in 2017, and I decided to pursuit new challenges, declining offers from three other car makers to launch my very own business, PowerArt Sociedad Limitada followed by the launch of the PowerArt YouTube channel. Since then, I'm working in paralell hosting and writing videos, test driving cars, engineering race cars, teaching at Nebrija's University and working as external advisor.

All in all, in the follow colums you will find some of my past working experience. If you want to know more about my career, you can always contact me.

CEO of PowerArt S.L.

  • 2017 - until now
  • PowerArt S.L.

CEO, host, founder and script writer.

Teacher at the "Race car engineering" master

  • 2017 - until now
  • Nebrija's University

I teach future race engineers about race engineering, data acquisition and analysis, simulation usage, strategy and setup. I also manage the "ProyectoCitroneta", for future engineering graduates, developing a Citroën 2CV for rally raid, using a 200 hp BMW boxer engine, 4WD system and a complex interconected suspension with double longitudinal wishbones per corner.

Race engineer

  • 2017 - Until now
  • SMC Junior Motorsport and others

As a freelancer race engineer, I manage different kind of cars in different championships. During the last few years I was involved in the Toyota Aygo cup, the "Campeonato de España de Turismos" (spanish touring car championship), and other confidential projects, including rally cars.

Director tecnico

  • 2017 - Until now
  • Engineering consultancy

As freelancer I also work as external consultor for minor engineering projects "on demand".

DirCom (PR Manager) at FCA Spain

  • 2016 - 2017
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

PR Manager for FCA Spain, managing all brands (Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia, Abarth, Fiat Professional y Mopar), including media relations, institutional relations and so on. I was also the motorsport project manager for Abarth during my tenure.

Product Manager (Fiat y Abarth) + Marketing Manager (Abarth)

  • 2015 - 2016
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Spain

Signed in 2015, I was key part in the relaunch of the Abarth brand within Spain, with great results: +80% sales growth year on year. I also kick started a 5 year plan to increase brand awareness within Spain, starting the AbarthRally program, finding a rally team, driver, engineering team and managing to sell the race car.

Given my success I was promoted to manage more Fiat products, helping to push sales and marketing strategy of Fiat 500X. This work lead me to be promoted as PR Manager of FCA Spain.

Autoblog brand country manager Spain

  • 2012 - 2015
  • AOL Inc.

Signed by AOL Inc. in 2008 as editor, I was promoted to become the key man of Autoblog Spanish in 2012. During my three years as brand country manager, I expanded the format of the blog, achieving huge growth, expanding the team to have up to 14 collaborators and increasing the brand value. All this was suddenly stopped the day AOL Inc. decided to sell the company to Verizon first and then to Yahoo. Both companies decided to close up all "non-english" motor media under their umbrella.

Technical director

  • 2006 - 2011
  • High Performance Cars S.L.

After getting my engineering graduate and learning at some previous works (Collins & Aikman plus Norauto), I decided to pursue a child dream of having my very own technical office related to the motoring world, with one key objetive: Building a "cheap" sports-fun car. I got some investors and four key co-workers and moved to Barcelona. We managed to get some customers for other engineering projects, but the 2007-2008 financial crisis hurt us too much to keep working on our car. Finally, after being signed by AOL Inc. this engineering office was fased out.

Academic background

I pursue continous training, given the constant evolving nature of automotive world. My main knowledge borns from my interest on cars, but I support it with training in many other fields, from markting to business management, history...

Mechanical engineering

  • 2001 - 2006
  • Universidad de La Rioja

I am graduated in mechanical engineering, with honours in my final year project, plus many other (up to 10) subjects of study.

Post graduate studies in FEM-CAD-CAM-CAE

  • 2006 - 2017
  • Others

In the pursue of increasing my capabilities and knowledge, I have completed different kinds of formation process to increase my preparation for the use of FEM, CAE, CAM and CAD tools, speciall focused on the main elements used in the automotive industry, like CATIA proficency.

Business stablishment and management

  • 2005
  • Universidad de La Rioja

During my formation as mechanical engineer I took part in the Chair of Entrepreneurship of the La Rioja's University, where we learned basic concepts of business management and project management to start-up a company and become succesfull. This Chair of Entrepreneurship was key in my decision to move to Barcelona to stablish my engineering office.

Programming (C++, PLM y Web)

  • 2005
  • Universidad de La Rioja

During my formation as mechanical engineer, I took part in different aditional coruses to complete my formation in programation, including PLM management, which was very useful when I started working as production engineer at Collins & Aikman, C++ and HTLM, which was important as well when I started working for AOL Inc.


Some of my latest videos

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